Eine Nachricht aus Istanbul – Spread the Word!

Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass wir die jungen Menschen, die das Wort erheben, unterstützen müssen. Sie haben Anliegen, die für uns selbstverständlich geworden sind. Es geht nicht darum, dass sich die eine oder andere Gruppe durchsetzt oder wer wirklich Recht hat. In einer vielfältigen Welt werden viele das Richtige tun. Es geht um die Chance, als Minderheit gehört zu werden. Es gibt keine Zahlen,wie viele Frauen in der Türkei, mit oder ohne Partner eine selbständige Entscheidung treffen wollen, wieviele Kinder sie haben möchten. Es gibt auch keine Übersicht, welche Menschen es sind, die sich Veränderung wünschen. Aber es gibt einige Menschen, die das kundtun wollen und sie sollten sich Gehör verschaffen dürfen.

Einer Stimme Gehör verschaffen, die den Eindruck hat, es in ihrem Land nicht mehr in ausreichendem Maß tun zu können. Die Regierung der Türkei bezeichnet sich selbst als demokratisch gewählte Regierung. Zum Regieren gehört jedoch mehr als die Wahl, man muss auch bereits ein, jene die nicht zustimmen und die anderer Meinung sind, zu hören. Eine Opposition anzuerkennen und die Wünsche von „Minderheiten“ zu hören. Sie müssen nicht immer erfüllt werden, können nicht immer entsprechend umgesetzt werden.

Ich ersuche alle Leserinnen und Leser, die meiner Meinung sind, den folgenden Absatz, mit oder ohne deutschsprachigem Kommentar im Rahmen der eigenen Möglichkeiten zu veröffentlichen.

„Just from the beginning, we want Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to understand that Turkey is a democratic country and we also have the right to decide on our way of life such as the number of children we will have (the number that Erdogan wants is between 3 to 5 children), women’s right to have a child or preference of having abortion, to drink alcohol, smoke or not, keeping historical and culturally important places as they are (not having a shopping mall or something else instead of these valuable areas and even forests)- these are just a few issues that come to my mind- but we are forced to accept the rules of Erdogan and he really gets angry to the ones who don’t obey the rules that he orders. He doesn’t accept us as this country’s citizens who don’t vote for him and insults the citizen’s of this country who are from different ethnic origins, religious beliefs, teams and even arrests the people such as doctors, lawyers, journalists, generals that he sees as a threat to his dictatorship and supports this protest. He prevents the media to show the reality and and wants the media to show the events happening all around the country from just his point of view and there are some people who still don’t know what’s happening because he wants to show everybody that we are just some unimportant people who don’t want him to govern this country or just some people who harm the cities, shops, people around us and attack the police. While the police is attacking people who are trying to defend their rights- he wants the media to broadcast penguins as nothing is happening all around here I think he’s really worried about us who are trying to keep united inspite of all the tear gas and brutal force of the police. I believe that because otherwise he wouldn’t humiliate himself in the eyes of international media as he hired this country’s police to pretend as protestors who are throwing molotov bomb to the police but sorry we aren’t that stupid Now their new tactic is pretending to solve the problem but he still doesn’t try to communicate with us. He calls some unrelated actors or actresses who even don’t know the purpose of this protest to get their ideas and the second way is threatening people to send them to prison if they don’t support him. Just a few hours ago, there was a call for public meeting for the ones who support him and at these meetings he goes on his lies and accusations towards the protestors or anybody who doesn’t obey his rules. He thinks that he is the law of this country, even has been trying to change the constitution for years for his own profits (but he prevents our demonstration proposing that it’s not legal to have demonstration). The laws are important if the issue is about his and his party’s profits but can be ignored when the case is the opposite. He has been using religion which is a very sensitive thing for people and acts like he is doing the right thing as what Islam orders us but our religion also orders ’not to discriminate, insult, humiliate people, not giving harm to any living thing, be equal to everybody and accept people as they are, not creating a group of ‚others‘ who don’t feel the same way ‚. These people, the protestors aren’t there just because of ‚a few trees‘ as they still think that this is the problem, these protestors just don’t want to be ruled by a dictator who thinks that what he says, wants is the only truth and ignoring the demands of people such as living freely in this beautiful country, the people who love this country more than him. Thanks for your interest, we really appreciate your support as Turkish citizens who love their country so much and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!“